With 30 years’ experience in Western healthcare as a doctorally prepared Nurse, my background includes extensive work in public health, educating nurses, researching women’s health and teaching Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) coursework. As a researcher, my numerous studies in nursing and reflexology have been published in professional journals.

I have always had a passion for holistic approaches to support health and wellness. My journey of understanding both Eastern and Western principles allows me a cutting-edge approach to serve my clients today. Now retired from nursing education, my focus in private practice is to assist my clients to find balance for optimum health. As the only nationally Board Certified Reflexologist in the surrounding Bemidji area (both in feet and hands), I also serve as a member of the ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) Board of Directors (https://arcb.net/about/). I provide a unique approach to healing, combining Reflexology of the ears, hands, and feet with energy work (Reiki and Healing Touch), Aromatherapy and Guided Imagery. Being selected as the “Best of 2019 Bemidji, Alternative Medicine Practitioner” is an honor. I am also fortunate to be affiliated with an integrative medicine practice that includes 3 physicians, several massage therapists, psychotherapists, craniosacral therapists, and a nutritionist.

I am able to provide clients with effective results that combine reflexology with advanced skills and expertise not found anywhere else in this area. My Signature Service combines my diverse training in CAM approaches over the past 20 years that includes advanced techniques in reflexology, certification at the Reiki Master level, completion of Level 3 Healing Touch, and advanced studies and teaching in the therapeutic use of essential oils. This specialized approach is designed to support my clients physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My Values:

Trust  •  Passion  •  Compassion  •  Integrity  •  Authenticity  •  Value

Impact  •  Growth  •  Optimal Wellness/ Healing  •  Connection  •  Love

Lifelong Learning  •  Communication  •  Collaboration  •  Generosity

Community  •  Consciousness  •  Abundance  •  Humor

I’m looking forward to seeing you and to working with you to achieve a higher level of wellness. I would be honored to have you join my many other clients who have benefited from my services.

Reflexology, Reiki & Raindrop Technique


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