Client Comments...

"After 9 years of suffering from constant daily foot pain, I found Donna. She is so caring, thoughtful, and gifted. After a short series of appointments, I am starting to experience days almost completely free of pain. I am getting back to “me” and am able to be capable of doing what I want to again. THANK YOU Donna!"


"I think you hit my reset button today. After leaving your office, I ran errands, arrived home and put away the groceries, had a ½ hour nap, and then worked outside – all before supper! And I’m still ticking away at house projects. Energized! Thank YOU"


"After several months of severe insomnia, hypertension and anxiety issues, I found amazing comfort and improvements after my very first session with Donna. While I expected some relief, I had no idea of the immediate effects! I went away after just 75 minutes with a sense of great calm and support – and the quiet energy of hopefulness that I am on my way to becoming fully restored! It felt as if my soul had been fed! I can hardly wait to come back!"


"Before my first session with Donna, she said that it was going to be enjoyable and relaxing. Well, I was in so much pain that I thought I would need a bullet to bite on! This was a reflection of how much pain my body was in all the time and how much I needed Donna’s care. After that first session, Donna’s prediction came true – the reiki and reflexology helped reduce the pain and produced incredible relaxation. I would highly recommend Donna. She is a skilled professional but also a wonderful caring person.

I’ve suffered with plantar fasciitis for two years. I have run the gamut of podiatrists, physical therapists, massage therapists with no relief. I have a shoe box full of inserts from the podiatrist, late night infomercials and shoe store recommendations. I spent many hundreds of dollars on these items and also joined a gym so I would have the space and equipment needed for the many exercises the physical therapist wanted me to do. Nothing has helped.

About a month ago I started doing reflexology with Donna. After the first treatment I started to feel relief. I am an avid hiker, snowshoer, golfer and outdoor enthusiast. I have gone to Donna now for 3 treatments and last weekend was the big test. I snowshoed 10 miles of very rugged terrain and hills. I started the morning out with my foot stretches that Donna recommended and after each outing I soaked my fee in the Dead Sea Salts she had given me, and used my BioFreeze roller. I experienced absolutely no pain or soreness in my feet. In the past after a weekend of snowshoeing, I would not have been able to walk. After countless doctors’ appointments, copays, therapy bills, I think I have found the answer in reflexology."


“After a session with Donna, I feel energized and ready to go again!”


“The essential oil we used on my leg cleared up the rash I had had for months.”

JJ and DP

“My chiropractor said that my leg muscles were much more relaxed after my session with you.”


“My lymphedema is super gone and my pain is really reduced.”


“Thank you Donna for all the extra time you spent with me today.”


“I really enjoyed my appointment yesterday. I came home with sinuses draining and this healing feeling in my throat. Thank you!  Still feeling some of the effects today... But wondering how long does a reflexology treatment last? Can it continue to heaI for days after?”


“Just wanted you to know that I have been headache free for a couple of days and have had wonderful night's sleep since.”


“I tell people you’re the best Reiki practitioner I’ve been to.

You knock me out in a good way.”


“I feel as though a weight has been lifted. I feel like I’ve been in a time warp. I’m in such a different place now than when I came in.”


“I feel soooo relaxed after a session.”

Pretty much everyone

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