I offer a personalized therapeutic approach to reduce acute and chronic pain and to help you feel better by tapping into your body’s natural chemicals for healing. Reflexology and Reiki/Healing Touch instantly trigger endorphins that relax the whole body – like an internal massage! It’s calming and peaceful.


Reflexology, an integrative health practice, maps a reflection of the body predominately on the feet, hands and outer ears. It uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways assisting the body to function optimally.

Definition approved by The American Reflexology Certification Board  (ARCB), the National Council of Reflexology Educators (NCRE) and the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), 2019.

These techniques stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body’s efforts to function optimally. Research shows that reflexology can improve blood flow, normalize blood pressure and pulse rate, lower anxiety and cortisol – all resulting in relaxation and stress reduction. Treatments can aid in pain reduction, elevate mood through the release of endorphins and enhance the immune system. The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide by various national health institutions and the public at large as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field.

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Most sessions consist of a combination of reflexology, energy work (Reiki or Healing Touch), and the use of essential oils (aromatherapy). These treatments act synergistically to create the maximum healing potential. Other services that may be incorporated include warm foot soaks with leg wraps and guided imagery to promote relaxation and healing; integration of acupressure points to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment; and scalp massage to release tension in the head and neck.


Reiki is defined as “universal life force.” It is a form of therapeutic bodywork that is energy-based. Reiki techniques are applied by using various hand positions over the body to balance the energy field surrounding the physical body. The effects restore balance in the biofield of the human body, with positive effects on all body functions. A Reiki treatment is noninvasive, non-manipulative and painless. Reiki is shown to decrease fatigue, anxiety, and pain as it promotes overall body/mind relaxation.

Healing Touch, similar to Reiki, uses a variety of hand techniques to "clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields." It is "heart-centered, biofield (energy) therapy." Foundations and Practice of Healing Touch (2017)

Both types of energy work are calming, relaxing, and gentle. Each person's perception of energy work is different. Some may feel tingling or heat during the session; others may not feel anything specific during the treatment. But… you’re guaranteed to feel more relaxed following the session.

Since an energy treatment works with the body’s energy field, it is possible for a therapist to work with a client’s biofield “at a distance,” meaning the client does not have to be in the therapist’s presence to benefit.

Reflexology and energy work benefit both men and women. By creating physical, emotional and energetic balance, the body’s own healing ability is facilitated. Energy work is integrated into all Reflexology sessions; minimal work is done in the 45-minute sessions due to time limitation.


Raindrop Technique uses a combination of essential oils, manual massage-like techniques, and acupressure points which balance the energy, release toxins, and facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body. The technique incorporates application of 9 different essential oils to the feet and back, with gentle pressure and feather-like motions to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, relieve stress, and improve immune function.

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In addition to the traditional Raindrop Technique, I also incorporate work with reflex points in your feet and ears along with energy work; additional treatment is individualized to your personal needs.




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